It is just over one year since Saudi Arabia launched its National Transformation Programme (NTP) aimed at turning around the giant Saudi economy and implementing the first phase of reforms set out in the kingdom’s ambitious Vision 2030 economic masterplan.

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This week, it emerged that Riyadh is working on NTP 2.0, a revised version of the programme that re-phases some of the objectives of the original plan, postponing some of the implementation deadlines and removing other elements of the plan.

Details of the revised NTP are yet to be revealed, but the rescheduling of the plan is aimed at introducing more realistic objectives for the government as it seeks to deliver the most wide-ranging economic reform programme ever seen in the region.

But NTP 2.0 introduces yet more uncertainty for businesses and investors in the kingdom, who are already struggling with the impact of Riyadh’s tough fiscal consolidation agenda.

Richard Thompson new

Richard Thompson

Jennifer Aguinaldo

Jennifer Aguinaldo

Andrew Roscoe

Andrew Roscoe

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MEED Editorial Director Richard Thompson is joined by MEED’s Power & Water Editor Andrew Roscoe and Transport & Technology Editor Jennifer Aguinaldo to discuss:

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  • Outlook for Saudi Arabia’s projects market
  • Opportunities and challenges ahead

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