Everything is changing in the GCC construction sector. The fall in oil prices over the past two years has forced governments and project developers to review their spending plans to focus on the strategic priorities. While at the same time, falling commodities prices have lowered project costs and the re-emergence of the huge Iranian and Egyptian markets are opening up exciting new opportunities.   

It is an uncertain period for anyone operating in the GCC construction sector and it has never been more essential to have access to up to date, accurate information about what is going on.  

The latest market intelligence report from MEED Insight, the Outlook for GCC Construction 2016 report, provides a powerful and authoritative assessment of the prospects for construction projects in the region. The research report looks at the specific challenges and opportunities in the industry, including analysis of the top clients and contractors, trends, construction costs, and individual analysis of specific subsectors and their drivers in each GCC state.


Through this comprehesive report you will be able to:

  • Get a clear view of the GCC construction market
  • Identify new business development opportunities
  • Understand client needs and spending plans
  • Identify top contractors, clients and competitors
  • Asses specific challenges and drivers behind each subsector 


Construction has always been the biggest segment of the GCC’s $2.6tn projects market. Across the GCC there is a project pipeline for construction and transport infrastructure of $705bn in the planning, design and pre-construction phases.

Combining insightful, forward-looking analysis from MEED’s team of construction experts, backed up with all the latest projects market data, The Outlook for GCC Construction 2016 provides an essential market assessment for anyone working in the GCC construction.

Save time and investment on research and analysis.  Gather exclusive data on the GCC construction industry through this in-depth examination.

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