The towers are:Marwa tower: The 27-storey residential tower is located at the front of the complex, closest to the Haram Mosque. As such, it offers some of the best views of the Kabaa, and more than 90 per cent of the housing units have an uninterrupted view of either the Haram or the Kabaa. Each of the 1,080 units can be rented on the benefit leasing model. Leaseholders are able to rent the property out through Jiwar during the period they are not using it.

Hajar tower: Primarily a five-star hotel with hotel-serviced apartments, Hajar will consist of 35 storeys, each containing 44 units. The Kuwaiti/local Hajar Real Estate Company, the company overseeing the tower’s development, recently signed an agreement with Swiss hotel chain Moevenpick Hotels & Resorts to manage the property.

Qibla tower: Another five-star hotel. Half the property has been leased to Dubai real estate developer Emaar Properties.

Safa tower: Safa is also known as the royal tower, having been designed for VVIPs. Apartments in the property will be sold to just 30 selected individuals.

Sarah tower: The 240-metre-high Sarah tower is geared to long-term residents.

Zamzam tower: A residential tower, the units for which have been sold on the sukuk al-intifaa model, similar to a timeshare.

Hotel tower: The largest of the seven towers, the 485-metre-high structure will comprise a five-star hotel, equipped with all the latest amenities.