Companies have until 30 November to submit bids for the consultancy contract on the estimated $75 million project to develop the 15-20-kilometre Algiers tramway. Tenders are expected to be issued for the turnkey construction contract on the tramway by the end of the year, with an award in the first quarter.

Tenders are also due to be issued in November for turnkey construction contracts on the Constantine and Oran tramway projects, both estimated to be worth $50 million, with offers expected by the end of the year and awards due in mid-2006. All three contracts involve the construction of lines and associated buildings, and the provision of rolling stock.

Operation of the three tramways is due to begin in 2007.

‘I think a 2007 target for start of operations at Algiers is realistic,’ says a source. ‘The Oran and Constantine tramways can probably also be completed in 2007, or if not then by early 2008.’

The client is Entreprise du Metro d’Alger.