Low bids have been returned for five further foul and stormwater sewerage contracts with an estimated value of $114 million, as part of the Ankara great channel (BAKAY) project (MEED 28:4:94). The client is the Ankara Water & Sewerage Administration (ASKI).

A low bid of TL 977,446 million ($23 million) was returned by Idil for contract 3B. Low bids, each of TL 1 million million ($24.3 million), were returned by Tubin for contract 10 and 11A. Similarly, Yucelen bid TL 898,416 million ($21 million) for both contract 11B and 12.

In a separate development, rebids are to be invited by the Izmir Water & Sewerage Administration (IZSU) for the construction of a pump station, wastewater treatment plant and collectors on a build-operate-transfer (BOT) basis. Of bids returned in the first round of bidding, only one could be considered seriously, according to Izmir’s mayor, Burhan Ozfatura. The scheme will also be modified to one using a lagoon system, which will considerably reduce costs to an estimated $134 million.