Tender documents have been issued to eight of the consortia that prequalified for the Izmir refinery continuous catalytic reformer (CCR) and isomerisation project. The client is the Turkish Petroleum Refineries Corporation (Tupras). The bidders with their local partners are:

Foster Wheeler Italiana of Italy, with Gama

Tecnigas Reunidas of Spain, with Entes

CTIP of Italy, with STEA

US-based ABB Lummus Global, with Tokar

Industrialexport of Romania, with Pakbas

Lurgi Oil Gas Chemia of Germany, with Pasiner Endustri

Snamprogetti of Italy, with Tekfen

Sofresid of France, with Teknotes.

Technology has been provided by UOP of the US. The objective of the project is to increase the production of lead-free petrol.