The local Mapa has returned a low bid of TL 1,034,980 million ($24.6 million) for the rehabilitation and expansion of the drinking water distribution network in the city of Gaziantep in the southeast. The client is the Gaziantep Water & Sewerage Administration (GASKI).

Six bids from local companies were returned out of the eight-strong short list:

Mapa – TL 1,034,980 million ($24.6 million)

Limak – TL 1,125,335 million ($26.7 million)

Nurol – TL 1,184,846 million ($28.2 million)

Kiska – TL 1,224,751 million ($29.1 million)

Aydiner – TL 1,246,199 million ($29.6 million)

Guris – TL 1,312,895 million ($31.2 million).

The work will be funded by a credit from Germany’s Kreditanstalt fuer Wiederaufbau, and calls for pipe and pumping station works to double the supply of water to 3 cubic metres a second to the city from the Kartalkaya dam about 57 kilometres away.