A short list of five consortiums has been approved by Japan’s Overseas Economic Co-operation Fund (OECF) to bid for the Greater Melen River scheme to supply water to Istanbul, according to industry sources. Bids will be returned in June to the client, State Hydraulic Works (DSI), they say (MEED 24:2:95).

The five consortia of foreign with local firms include:

Japan’s Nippon Koei with the UK’s Sir Alexander Gibb & Partners and Mott MacDonald, and Setan, Su Yapi, Dapta, Temelsu, and Sial

the UK’s Acer Consultants with Binnie & Partners and Haswell Consultants, Japan’s Sanyu, Danish Power, and Acer Muhendislik, Seyas, Ensu and Tekar

the US’ Bechtel with Greeley & Hansen and Harza Engineering, with Enet, Japon Muhendislik, and Tahal Muhendislik

Japan’s EPDC with the UK’s PWT and Sir William Halcrow & Partners, and Su Is, Dolsar Muhendislik, and TMB

the US’ Brown & Root, Japan’s CKC, the UK’s Ove Arup & Partners, and its local affiliate with Tumas.

The project will be largely financed by $1,050 million credit from the OECF, the first $495 million tranche of which was signed in November 1993. It includes a weir on the Melen River, a 150-kilometre transmission pipeline, pumping stations, a water treatment plant, and a sea bed crossing of the Bosphorus.