The local Otak has emerged as favourite to win a contract valued at about $24 million to build an integrated meat plant, despite objections by Belgium’s Ilpa, which is bidding with the local Guris. The client is a joint stock company, ANET Corporation, in which Ankara municipality has a 60 per cent shareholding.

A lead of about 2 per cent in price terms was taken by Otak over the Ilpa venture in a retender called by ANET, ostensibly to measure quotes on the basis of the future value of its investment. The third bidder, selected out of the eight first round contenders, was Pasiner, which also quoted very close to Otak.

The Belgian company is concerned that it was asked to draw up a better price without changing anything in its original proposal, which is not normal, according to its director, Alain Van Vinckenroy. He claims that the Ilpa venture returned the best price in the first round of bidding (MEED 5:12:93).

The project calls for the construction of an integrated meat plant at Cuglu, about 35 kilometres from Ankara. The complex will have a livestock market, a slaughterhouse, a meat packaging line, cold storage facilities, and administrative and social facilities. It is planned to start production in 1995.