Local firms have submitted the low bids for two World Bank-financed sewerage projects in Mersin and Izmir.

In Mersin, the low bidder is a venture of Aydiner with Samsun Makine Sanayi, at $20.6 million. Its nearest competitors are the local Yuksel, at $23.07 million, and a venture of Italy’s Astaldi with locals Birlik and Sistem Yapi, at $27.9 million. The Astaldi venture also returned an alternative quote of $20.4 million based on biological rather than mechanical treatment.

The work entails construction of a pumping station and sea discharge pipes. It forms part of the World Bank-supported Cukurova regional development programme; the client is Mersin municipality.

The low bidder for contract no 7B of the Izmir great channel project is Ecetas, at $9.8 million, followed by Alke at $9.9 million. The next lowest bidder out of six is Yuksel, at $11.1 million. The client is Izmir Water & Sewerage Administration (IZKI).