A joint venture of the local Guris Insaat and the UK’s Sir Alexander Gibb & Partners is the low bidder for a contract to build a maintenance hangar at Istanbul’s Ataturk international airport. Its price of TL 188,574 million ($13.39 million) was more than 20 per cent lower than the next bid (MEED 26:11:93). The client is Turk Hava Yollari (THY – Turkish Airways).

Eleven local/foreign ventures bid, the lowest four of which are:

Guris Insaat with Sir Alexander Gibb & Partners – TL 18,574 million ($13.39 million)

Sadri Sener with South Korea’s You One Construction – TL 229,285 million ($16.3 million)

Kayalar with Canada’s Delcan – TL 236,485 million ($16.8 million)

Alsim Alarko with the US’ McLier and Russia’s Gipronyaviaprom – TL 271,853 million ($19.3 million).

Other bidders included the local Sezai Turkes-Fezai Akkaya (ST-FA) with Germany’s Ruter Bau Nieder Lasungder; Yuksel with Wolf Stahlbau of Germany; and Tekser Insaat with Germany’s Walter Stragbau.

The bids were opened after a technical screening by THY. The contract calls for the construction of a hangar with a total floor area of about 1,850 square metres suitable for Airbus A340 aircraft. The contract also includes the construction of an apron and other civil engineering works.