The local Alsim-Alarko with Italy’s Emit and Italimpianti is the low bidder for a project to build wastewater treatment plants and sea outfalls for the Izmit bay region (MEED 24:3:95).

Six bids from joint ventures of local and foreign firms have been returned to the client Iller Bankasi (Provincial Bank):

Alsim-Alarko with Italy’s Emit and Italimpianti – $35.2 million

Mapa with the UK’s John Laing and France’s Degremont – $41.4 million, alternative: $44.5 million

Metis with the UK’s Balfour Beatty – $54.95 million, alternative: $50.7 million

Aydiner with France’s OTV – FF 257 million ($53 million)

Vinsan with the US’ Babcock & Wilcox – $98.3 million

Akfen with Italy’s Rosetti – DM 143.8 million ($103 million).

Five wastewater treatment plants to serve populations of around 50,000 each will be built, together with two sea-outfalls into Izmit bay. There is severe pollution in the bay from dense industrial and housing areas along its northern shore.

Elsewhere, the local Mapa has been awarded a contract valued at about $25 million to expand water supplies to the city of Gaziantep in the southeast. (MEED 14:4:95). The client for the contract is the Gaziantep Water & Sewerage Administration (GASKI). The work will be funded by a credit from Germany’s Kreditanstalt fuer Wiederaufbau, and calls for pipe and pumping station works to double the supply of water to 3 cubic metres a second to the city from the Kartalkaya dam.

Alsim Alarko takes more German work

The local Alsim Alarko has taken another contract in Germany. It is valued at DM 53.5 million ($38.7 million) and covers the construction of a mixed housing and business centre complex in Leipzig. It also hopes to sign an estimated $35 million contract for a commercial centre in St Petersburg, Russia.

The complex, which covers an area of 45,000 square metres, will take about 18 months to complete. The client is a local private investor called Kindermann.

This is Alarko’s third contract in Germany. In September, it took a contract valued at about $23.5 million to build a hotel near Frankfurt, and in January was awarded an order for housing in Kiel.

Bursa power plant bid date extended

The bid closing date for the Bursa natural gas-fired power plant has been deferred to 23 May by the client Turkish Electricity Generation & Transmission Corporation (TEAS). This followed a request by potential bidders, according to TEAS officials.

The 1,400-MW, combined-cycle power station is planned to be located at Mudanya near the northwest industrial city of Bursa. It is included in a list of priority projects announced by the State Planning Organisation (see above). The area suffers from a power shortage of around 800 MW.

Japan has again offered funding for the plant. The finance is tied to the use of Japanese contractors, according to industry sources (MEED 17:3:95). Negotiations for the plant with a venture of Japan’s Mitsubishi Corporation and Turkish contractor Enka were cancelled in 1994 when TEAS decided it could obtain a cheaper price from competitive bidding. This was despite a 65 per cent offer of funding from the Export-Import Bank of Japan (Jeximbank).