The $10 million-25 million project involves the construction of a new service support centre at the base, known as US Naval Support Activity. The contract is open to US and international contractors and joint ventures. The closing date for bids is 1 August (see Tenders).

The expansion involves the construction of a multi-storey retail/dining support centre that will house the base ship’s store, other retail/service outlets, a theatre, package store, post office, dining hall, bowling alley, gymnasium, playing courts, pavilion and administrative offices. The facility will be constructed on pile foundations with a combination of concrete and steel superstructure. The contract also includes exterior landscaping, roads, utilities and parking.

A USACE spokeswoman says bid evaluation would be based on price, past performance, experience and management capability. She added that, in accordance with US procurement rules, bids from non-US firms would be evaluated by adding 20 per cent to the price proposal. Joint ventures incorporating a US firm will be evaluated as an American bid.