Three engineering contractors have been issued with new task orders under existing ID/IQ contracts, the maximum value of which has been raised to $500 million from the previous $100 million (MEED 4:4:03). They are:

Washington Group International has received a $110 million contract to repair electrical infrastructure in northern Iraq

Fluor Intercontinental has a $102 million contract for the repair of electrical infrastructure in the central area

Perini Corporation has a $66 million contract for the southern package.

Each contractor will repair, replace or supplement generating, transmission and distribution systems.

The other new task order, worth $12 million, was issued to IAP Worldwide Services for the supply of generators. IAP won on 15 November 2002 a one-year ID/IQ worth up to $29.5 million. The ceiling on the contract, which contains four one-year extension options, has been raised to $523.5 million.

The four ID/IQ contracts, combined with two imminent contracts worth $500 million each to restore Iraq’s oil production to pre-war levels by April 2004, bring USACE’s possible spending in Iraq to about $3,000 million in the next six months.