Riyadh has also requested the possible remanufacture and upgrade of Apache helicopters in a deal worth about $400 million. The order would centre on the modernisation of 12 AH-64A Apache attack helicopters to AHD 64D configuration. The Boeing Company, General Electric (GE) and Lockheed Martin, all US-based, are the selected contractors. In addition, the kingdom has asked to buy 24-UH-60L utility/assault Black Hawk helicopters. The estimated $350 million contract will be used to modernise and increase the rotary wing fleet of the Royal Saudi Land Forces. Connecticut-based Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation and GE are the main contractors.

Riyadh is targeting an estimated $276 million co-operative logistics supply support arrangement. The contract centres on the provision of an uninterrupted supply of spare parts for the kingdom to keep its vehicle fleet up to date. The deal would centre on the provision of funds for a blanket order of spare and repair part requisitions for M1A2 Abrams tanks, M2 Bradley fighting vehicles and high-mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicles.

Border security has become a priority issue for Saudi Arabia, which is seeking to crack down on terrorists and smugglers crossing its borders. As part of its plans, Riyadh has invited defence contractors from nine countries to bid for the estimated $5,333 million Miksa (Ministry of the Interior, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) border security contract. It covers the installation, operation and maintenance of a radar-based system for detecting incursions along the kingdom’s 6,500-kilometre border (MEED 28:7:06, 26:5:06).

DSCA has also revealed details of smaller deals across the rest of the region. In the UAE, the federal government has requested the sale of 26 UH-60M Black Hawk helicopters with engines. DSCA, says the estimated $808 million will target the ‘protection of sovereign borders as well as protection and defence of US and coalition strategic facilities.’ Sikorsky and GE will be the contractors.

A similar deal, worth $252 million, has also been requested by Bahrain. The kingdom is looking to purchase nine UH-60M Black Hawk helicopters. Sikorsky