The US administration has notified Congress of plans to sell military equipment with a total value of $1,207 million to Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

The proposed deals are: Egypt 35 target acquisition designation sight/pilot night vision sensors plus spares and support equipment for 35 Apache attack helicopters. The estimated cost is $400 million. The principal contractors will be The Boeing Company and Lockheed Martin Electronics & Missiles.

Egypt Six SPS-48E 3-D land-based radar decoys to help upgrade the air defence system. The deal is valued at $182 million, and the main contractor will be ITT Gilfillan.

Saudi Arabia 500 AIM-120C advanced medium range air-to-air missiles, software updates, missile launchers and containers, and training and support equipment. The deal is estimated at $475 million. The main contractors are Raytheon Missile Systems and Boeing Aircraft. There are no offset agreements proposed in connection with this potential sale, says the US Defence Department.

Kuwait Various ammunition, consisting of 4,110 M831 120-mm and 10,728 40-mm cartridges and 15,000 M107 155-mm projectiles. No prime or principal contractors have been identified as there are several potential suppliers of the ammunition in question.