However, some of these groups have themselves begun voicing concerns about American intentions. The new head of civilian administration in Iraq, former state department official Paul Bremer, was on 18 May forced to deny reports that he had postponed the formation of an interim authority indefinitely, following a meeting with Iraqi political leaders two days earlier. The political leaders have also expressed surprise and concern at apparent plans to give the interim government a largely advisory role while coalition forces remain in executive control. Hoshyar Zebari of the Kurdistan Democratic Party threatened not to participate under such circumstances. ‘If you want to take us as your partner in the reconstruction of Iraq, we are going to work with you,’ he was quoted as saying by London’s Financial Times. ‘If you want to do it all by yourself, well you can go ahead, but without us -We will continue to call for a representative government. If these efforts fail, maybe everyone will start to think about their self-interest.’