The smallest of the three contracts is for the upgrade of the Tadji military base north of Baghdad. The project is estimated to cost between $25 million to $100 million and is scheduled for completion by 15 March 2004.

The contract requires the contractor to renovate existing buildings, including connection to the electrical power grid and connection of a water treatment system to a wastewater collection system currently under construction. The approximate date for the request for proposals (RFP) is 26 November, with the bid deadline set for 25 December.

The renovation of the Al-Kasik army base, 50 kilometres northwest of Mosul is estimated at $100 million-250 million. The project includes the construction of arms ranges, a road network, a perimeter security fence, water supply networks and a primary electrical power distribution system. The tentative date for the RFP is 26 November with a provisional bid deadline of 25 December. The project completion date is 1 June 2004.

The third project, to upgrade the A Numaniyah military base west of Kut, is also estimated between $100 million and $250 million. The project scope includes renovation of buildings and installation of an electrical power generation and distribution system, a water distribution system, a wastewater collection and a wastewater treatment system. The RFP is scheduled for 26 November and bids are to be returned by 25 December. Project completion date is set for 1 June 2004.