Riots also occurred between US forces and pro-Saddam demonstrators in Tikrit and Falluja, part of the ‘Sunni triangle’ to the north and west of Baghdad, during which a number of Iraqis were injured and one US soldier was wounded.

In Baghdad, a pro-Saddam protest ended in a gunfight between US troops and protestors. As the demonstrators dispersed, two police stations in the Sunni quarter of Adhamiyeh were raided. ‘About 100 assailants attacked two police stations in the district with automatic weapons and rocket-propelled grenades from along the roofs and in the street,’ said a local police spokesman (MEED 15:12:03).

In northern Iraq, a demonstration in support of Saddam, organised by students at Mosul University, attracted over 1,000 supporters – there were no reports of any violence.