Uwe Reiter

Company: PTV
Position: Director for international consultancy and head of Berlin branch

Biography: Uwe Reiter has a doctorate in civil engineering from Karlsruhe University in Germany.

He also studied computer science at the same university, receiving a master’s degree. Before joining PTV, he worked as a lecturer in transport and environment at Imperial College in London, where he developed his own teaching and research programme.

Reiter joined PTV in 1999 and is now the director for international consultancy and head of the Berlin branch of PTV, where he leads a team of 15 planners and engineers. He was the project manager for Qatar’s Transport Master Plan, which is now being executed.

Before working with the Qatar government, Reiter was responsible for developing the national transport model for Italy and for the Usedom and Wolin islands in the German-Polish region.

Contact: (+974) 455 1476
Company website: www.tmpq.ptvag.com/