Dredging was due to start in early December on the Palm Deira development in Dubai, after Van Oordof the Netherlands began mobilising on the project.

The scheme is billed as the largest dredging and reclamation project in history, requiring over 1,000 million cubic metres of material.

Deira is the third Palm island being developed by the local Nakheel, after Palm Jumeirah and Palm Jebel Ali (MEED 26:11:04).

Reclamation of Palm Deira is expected to take at least two years. The proposed island, located in water depths ranging from six-22 metres, will comprise 41 fronds and a 21-kilometre crescent. In total, the island will be 14 kilometres long and 8.5 kilometres wide, providing 400 kilometres of new coastline.

Van Oord is already working in the area on the nearby Deira sea corniche project, which will now form a part of Palm Deira (MEED 8:10:04).