Walid Kurdi

Company: Jordan Phosphate Mines Company
Position: Chairman and CEO

Biography: Walid Kurdi was appointed chairman and CEO of Jordan Phosphate Mines Company in March 2006.

He is married to Jordan’s Princess Basma bint Talal, daughter of the late King Talal bin Abdullah and Queen Zein al-Sharaf.

He sits on the board of directors of Jordan Abyad Fertilizers & Chemicals Company (Jafcco), representing Jordan Phosphate, which holds a 15 per cent stake in Jafcco. Jordan Phosphate operates in three locations in Jordan, which together hold an estimated 1.47 billion tonnes of phosphate rock reserves.

With production of about 7 million tonnes a year, Jordan Phosphate is the world’s sixth-largest phosphate rock producer and second-largest exporter. The company also produces phosphoric acid and diammonium phosphate through its joint ventures: Nippon Jordan Fertilizer Company and Indo-Jordan Chemicals Company.

Contact: (+212) 241 241
Company website: www.jordanphosphate.com/