As the region’s utilities seek to diversify energy sources and reduce carbon emissions, waste-to-energy is emerging as an attractive proposition throughout the Middle East and North Africa. Waste-to-energy technology has the key advantage of not only providing an alternative clean energy source for power generation, but also reducing the amount of waste that is often sent to landfills.

Join us as we uncover why the region’s utilities are beginning to look at waste-to-energy as an alternative energy source; the main technologies behind developing waste-to-energy plants, what the options for financing waste-to-energy plants are; as well as the areas with the most potential for developing waste-to-energy in the region.

In an exclusive live-streamed webinar delivered in partnership with Siemens, MEED examines the growing opportunities for waste-to-energy in the Middle East. Featuring a panel of thought leaders, MEED aims to highlight the growing rationale for waste-to-energy in the Middle East, the benefits of adopting the technology and what is required to implement a successful waste-to-energy project.

Register now for the webinar, taking place on July 16, as we discuss the challenges of implementing waste-to-energy projects, possible financing methods and look at a case study of a regional scheme.

Joining MEED for the special broadcast are:

  • Jean Claude Nasr, Senior Vice-President, Power Generation, Gas & Power Siemens Middle East
  • Khaled al-Huraimel, Group CEO, Bee’ah
  • Yousif al-Ali, Acting Executive Director, Masdar Clean Energy