Saudi Arabia’s National Water Company (NWC) is aiming to raise sewerage network coverage in Riyadh and Jeddah to more than 80 and 90 per cent respectively by 2015.

Speaking at MEED’s Water and Wastewater 2012 conference in Abu Dhabi, Nasser Al-Amiri, head of TSE Business Unit, National Water Company (NWC), said that NWC was aiming to have a sewerage network coverage of 93 per cent in Riyadh and 80 per cent in Jeddah by 2015.

This would mark a 48 per cent increase in sewerage network coverage in the kingdom’s capital on the 45 per cent coverage in 2006. In Jeddah, 80 per cent coverage would mark a 69 per cent increase on the 11 per cent coverage recorded in 2006.

NWC is planning to spend an average of $2.4bn a year for the next 16 years on water projects throughout the kingdom.