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Richard thompson

MEED Business Review, MEED’s relaunched and reinvented magazine, is now available.

MEED Business Review provides you with a powerful monthly market report on the Middle East that reviews all the key developments taking place in the region and provides you with expert forward-looking analysis and insight on the key trends shaping the region.

It is designed to compliment the exclusive daily news and data provided here on and the MEED app so that, together, they provide you with the best possible way of knowing what is going on in this fast-changing market.

Our leading story focuses on the region’s most important issue – its people. Demographics sit at the heart of all policymaking and government spending and we focus, in particular, on the opportunities and challenges presented by the region’s large and ambitious youth population.

Middle East watchers have warned for many years of the ticking demographic time bomb represented by the region’s youth bulge. In 2011, the bomb exploded dramatically across the region as popular uprisings toppled long-standing regimes. The shockwaves from the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ are still shaking the region today.

The Middle East youth population is not only a regional risk, it is also the region’s most valuable asset and a huge opportunity. That is, if governments can work with investors and businesses to create the right environment to stimulate a rapid expansion of the private sector that will, in turn, create new job opportunities that meet the high expectations of the region’s young people, both male and female.

I hope you enjoy the first edition of MEED Business Review, along with your usual and MEED app services, and look forward to receiving your feedback.

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