The Western Region (Al-Gharbia) is set to become a hub for investment, as part of Abu Dhabi’s strategic push to develop the region.

“Al-Gharbia has a lot of features that can make it a hub for investments in petrochemicals, food and tourism,” said Mohamed Hamad bin Azzan al-Mazrouei, acting undersecretary at the Ruler’s Representative Court in the Western Region and director general of Western Region Development Council (WRDC), speaking at the Al-Gharbia Development Forum in Abu Dhabi on 27 May.

A key part of the WRDC investment push into the area would be in “developing a programme for housing for locals and to establish and construct facilities for health and tourism, and social requirements for the Western Region”, Al-Mazrouei said.

“We are as well developing a programme to attract people from other emirates to the Western Region,” he added.