With access to a wealth of regional information ranging from broad macroeconomic statistics to specific sector data, MEED Insight is a paid-for service that helps clients accurately and cost effectively forecast market growth and trends.

Save time and investment on research

MEED Insight can dramatically reduce the time it takes you to identify, and obtain and analysis meaningful market data.

Market expertise with added value

MEED Insight is brought to you by MEED. Launched in 1957, MEED has been helping executives make better decisions in the Middle East ever since. Respected for its editorial integrity and high quality journalism, it has become the source of business intelligence for senior decision makers in the region.

Drawing on the knowledge and expertise of our dedicated and experienced team of regional experts, MEED Insight, can provide you with valuable knowledge and data to help you make more informed business decisions.

Our research services are used by a number of leading organisations and provide the necessary tools for senior executives to make accurate strategic decisions. MEED Insight will ensure your bespoke report delivers value and unmatched insight to support your strategic objectives.

Exceptional Middle East and North Africa coverage

Our extensive knowledge of the MENA region will ensure you have the most reliable and comprehensive market coverage possible. MEED Insight will endeavor to provide you with access to a wealth of regional data, ensuring you can:

  • Plan and forecast for your business development
  • Access market potential and plan the use of resources
  • Gain insight on current and future prospects within a sector
  • Make profitable decisions based on key market intelligence

The Custom Research process

Before we can effectively conduct any research project, we aim to have a clear understanding of what you are trying to accomplish and what your business objectives are.

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