Yemen’s prime minister, Mohamed Salem Basundwa, has announced the structure of the country’s new reconciliation government and the members of its cabinet.

The new government is divided between the traditional opposition coalition and former ruling party, the General People’s Congress (GPC), the local Yemen Times reports.

It includes two women and about half of the GPC’s former ministers. Five GPC ministers maintained their positions, while another two took up new ministries.

The Islah party forms the largest part of the opposition bloc holding nearly a third of the ministries, but neither the Southern Movement or the Houthis are not represented having rejected the GCC-led reconciliation initiative.

The national reconciliation government will run Yemen until presidential elections take place on 21 February 2012.

Ministry Minister Previous minister Political party
Defence Mohamed Naser Ahmed No change GPC
Oil & Mineral Resources Hisham Sharaf Amir al-Aydaros GPC
Telecommunications Ahmed bin Daghir Kamal al-Jabri GPC
Fisheries Awadh al-Suqatri Mohamed Saleh GPC
Foreign Affairs Abu Bakr al-Qirbi No change GPC
Public Health & Population Ahmed Qasim al-Ansi Abdulkareem Rasa GPC
Expatriate Affairs Mujahed al-Guhali Ahmed Musaed Hussain GPC
Social Affairs & Labour Amat Razaq Humad No change GPC
Higher Education Saleh Basura Yahya al-Shuaibi GPC
Tourism Qasim Sallam Nabeel al-Faqih GPC
Public Works Omer al-Kurshumi No change GPC
Endowment Hamoud Ubad No change GPC
Youth & Sport Muammar al-Eryani Aref al-Zooka GPC
Insurance and Civil Services Nabeel Shamsan Yahya al-Shuaibi GPC
Agriculture Fareed Mujawar Mansour al-Haushabi GPC
Interior Abdulqader Qahtan Mutahr Rashad al-Masry Islah
Information Ali al-Amrani Hassan Allawzi Defected from GPC
Trade & Industry Saad Aldin ben Taleb Hisham Sharaf Independent
Education Abdulrazag al-Ashwal Abdulsalm al-Jawfi Islah
Legal affairs Mohamed al-Mikhlafi Rashad al-Rasas Socialist
Local administration Ali Alyazidi Rashad al-Alimi Nasserite
Justice Murshed al-Arashani Ghazi al-Aghbari Islah
Human rights Hoorya Mashhoor Huda al-Ban Independent
Technical education Abdulsalm Razaz Ibrahemm Hujari Popular Forces Union
Transport Waed Batheeb Khaled al-Wazeer Socialist
Culture Abdullah Awbi Mohamed al-Muflihi Nasserite Unionist Peoples Organisation
Water & Environment Abdulhafidh Noman Abdurrahman al-Eryani Arab Socialist Rebirth Party
Finance Sakhr al-Wajeeh Noman al-Shuaibi Independent
Planning & International Cooperation Mohamed al-Sadi Abdulkareem al-Ahrabi Islah
Electricity Saleh Samea Awadh al-Suqatri Defected from GPC