Fighting has continued in Yemen’s capital, Sanaa, despite the signing of a peace deal announced on 21 September, heightening concerns that the agreement will not hold and the country will descend into civil war.

The capital has already seen four days of conflict between Houthi rebels and Sunni fighters.

Under the new deal, Yemen’s Sunni president, Abdrabbu Mansour al-Hadi, will appoint a new government as well as appointing a Houthi and a representative from Yemen’s south as advisers, according to a draft document seen by Qatari news network Al Jazeera.

If the UN-brokered deal is enforced, it will also see the government reduce the price of petrol and ensure Houthis are granted more positions in the country’s cabinet.

The Houthis have fought in periodic uprisings over the past decade, seeking greater autonomy for their homeland in Yemen’s north.