Yemen’s Public Works & Highways Ministry has invited companies to submit bids for the contract to provide consulting services for a project to design the country’s road management system.

Consultants have until 13 September to submit prices for the contract, which will involve creating a road and bridge management system. The consultant will be review the condition of about 4,000km of asphalt roads throughout Yemen, to create an effective management system to oversee the future upgrading of Yemen’s road links.

The project to design the road management system is part of Yemen’s Rural Access Programme and is being funded by the Washington-headquartered World Bank.

In May, the Public Works & Highways Ministry invited companies to submit bids for a contract to build a section of the road from Rayyn bin Aifan road, in the Sahel Hadramout area of Yemen.

The project is being funded by the International Development Association (IDA), as part of the Flood Protection and Emergency Reconstruction Project (FPERP). The project is targeted towards rehabilitating road infrastructure damaged by floods and protecting residents and economic activities from future flooding.