Yemen’s Marib oil pipeline has been attacked again, halting the country’s crude oil exports.

A statement from the Interior Ministry confirmed the attack took place on 22 August, blaming the bombing on “anti-government subversive elements” of Damashka tribe in Marib province.

It said the attack hit the 120,000 barrel-a-day (b/d) pipeline extending from the area operated by state-owned Safer Exploration & Production Operations Company (Sepoc) to the export terminal at Ras Essa on the Red Sea.

The Marib export pipeline was first attacked in mid-March. Local tribal groups had been preventing the repair of the pipeline due to a dispute with the government. The pipeline was attacked again in early July, but by mid-July an agreement was reached between state-owned oil company Safer and the tribes in the area to replace the damaged section (MEED 6:7:11).