Young-Ha Lee

Company: Korea Electric Power Corporation (Kepco)
Position: Vice-president

Biography: As vice-president for overseas project development, Young-Ha Lee is a central figure behind Kepco’s strategy to spread further into Middle East utility markets and to be involved in the region’s emerging nuclear power programmes.

Lee, who joined the state-run Kepco in 1981, took up his current role in January 2009, having previously held the director-general post for the Euro-America business department from 2007.

Prior to that, he was appointed director for Kepco’s management innovation office in 2005, and director of the firm’s office in Mungyeong, west of Seoul, in 2004.

He is currently involved in Kepco’s bid to win lucrative nuclear deals, specifically in the UAE and Jordan.

Contact: (+822) 3456 3114
Company website: