Zeinab Abutaleb

Position: Doctor, King Khalid University Hospital

Biography: Zeinab Abutaleb is known in Saudi Arabia as ‘the mother of doctors’, in recognition of her years of work specialising in the treatment of infertility. She completed her degree in medicine at King Saud University in 1980, becoming one of the kingdom’s first women to graduate in the subject. Abutaleb now has her own private practice at King Khalid University Hospital.

She has also set up a unit specialising in treatments for infertility at King Saud University. Abutaleb is a member of the British Royal College of Obstetricians and of the Scientific Council of Women and Childbirth in the Saudi Commission for Health Specialities.

She is also chairwoman of the committee on training in the Central Region within the same commission. Since joining the Shura Council in 2013, Abutaleb has become deputy chairwoman of its information and cultural committee.

Contact Tel: (+966) 11 477 5524