Awards (A more intelligent way to market)

In December 2017 MEED was acquired by GlobalData. This year we are launching the power of GlobalData’s VMS Marketing Solution into the Middle East and changing the way we work for our clients. We are combining media, content and technology to help our clients grow their businesses.

Every marketer wants to target the right people, with the right message, at the right time. Of course, achieving this is anything but simple.

Finding the right people among the millions of wrong ones is a challenge. Creating the right content demands access to data and insights that aren’t commonly available. And getting in front of prospects at the right time is often more luck than judgement.

VMS Marketing’s industry-specific digital communities, which include, are a magnet for highly involved buyers eager for valuable information. AI-driven targeting adjusts site content to put your story in front of the prospects most likely to be interested in your offer. And our unparalleled data, spanning over 9 million buyers per month, gives you real-time actionable insights to help accelerate sales.

Fundamentally, it’s a more intelligent way to market.

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