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Access Exclusive Audiences

At MEED Marketing Solutions, we open doors to unparalleled opportunities for local and international companies seeking to connect with our high-value readership and event attendees. Discover the scale of our influence with over 600K website users and 2.5 million page views.

We specialise in building communities around core topics and granting our partners exclusive access to these audiences.

Tailored Marketing Solutions

Powered by GlobalData’s VMS which includes, our technological expertise empowers you to connect with precision – effectively targeting the right audience, delivering the right message, and at precisely the right time.

Through extensive global databases and refined company-level intelligence, we have mastered the art of identifying your target companies, ensuring your story reaches prospects genuinely interested in what you offer.

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  • Market Talk: Interview format. Designed for the C-suite voice.
  • White Paper: In-depth & research led report (16-20 pages).
  • Research Report: Industry leading publications magazine style, up to 32 pages.
  • Briefing Paper: Short series supplements with graphical data led analysis (12-8 pages).
  • Infographic: Telling stories through print and digital graphics.
  • Finding Reports: A longer-term leverageable content asset, agenda driven by event activity.


  • Webinar: Real-time 60-90mins conversations with targeted B2B audiences with interactive panel discussions.
  • Digital Conferences: A 2-3hr content program and agenda to engage the target groups.


  • Motion Graphics: Animated digital graphics bringing data-led stories to life.
  • Microsite: Dedicated digital co-branded environments.
  • Knowledge Hub: Digital community creation based on themed content.
  • EDMS/Industry Voice: Extending the value of your content assets.


  • Conferences: A full day content program and agenda to engage the target groups.
  • Breakfast Briefing/Clubs: 30 delegates engaging in content through presentation and discussion.

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