Abdelhakim Berrah

Position: President, Commission d’Organisation et de Surveillance des Operations de Bourse (COSOB)

Biography: In January 2013, Abdelhakim Berrah was given a four-year mandate as president of Algeria’s stock exchange regulator, COSOB, with a mission to oversee the country’s securities market, ensure the proper running of operations, and the transparency and integrity of the market, and protect investors.

Prior to this, Berrah was CEO of the Maghreb Institute of Customs and Tax Economy (Institut Maghrebin de l’Economie Douaniere et Fiscale – IEDF). Before IEDF, he was president and CEO of the Compagnie Algerienne d’Assurance et de Garantie des Exportations, after working at the Societe Nationale d’Assurance as deputy CEO.

In 1998-2000, Berrah was secretary-general at COSOB and between 1995 and 1998, he worked as director at the Algerian National Institute of Finance (Institut National des Finances).

Contact Tel: (+213) 2 159 1021
Website: www.cosob.org