Abdul Aziz Mohammed al-Hokail

Company:Saudi Railways Organisation (SRO)
Position: President

Biography:Abdul Aziz Mohammed al-Hokail was appointed in 2007 to head the oldest rail firm in Arabia. He is a former executive vice-president at Saudi Aramco, where he is still a board member.

Al-Hokail led the restructuring of the state-owned Saudi Aramco in 1993 to incorporate Samarec, then a separate government-owned refining firm.

Al-Hokail is overseeing the Saudi Landbridge project, which involves building more than 900 kilometres of track from Jeddah to Riyadh and a spur from Dammam to Jubail.

He is also in charge of the completion of the North-South minerals railway and the Haramain high-speed rail link between Mecca and Medina.

With a budget of more than $10bn, these projects will make Al-Hokail the most influential figure in the country’s railway industry. The SRO has several more projects under study, including the development of three other main lines.

Contact: (+966) 3 821 2222
Company website: www.saudirailways.org