Abdul Hadi al-Hassani

Position: Vice-chairman, oil and gas committee, Council of Representatives of Iraq

Biography: Abdul Hadi al-Hassani is a member of the Iraqi parliament, the Council of Representatives, and vice-chairman of its oil and gas committee.

He is a member of the State of Law Coalition, an Iraqi political coalition formed by incumbent Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and his Islamic Dawa Party. He is also chancellor of the University of Iraq in Baghdad. Al-Hassani graduated with a degree in chemistry from the University of Basra before moving to the UK to study chemical engineering at the University of Bradford.

He has a doctorate in fracture mechanics and the mechanical properties of epoxy resin coatings in oil and gas pipelines from the UK’s Loughborough University of Technology.

Al-Hassani is the founder and chairman of the Basra Society for Social and Civic Development and general director for the Basra Centre for Strategic Studies.

Contact: (+964) (40) 618077