The plan covers the four sectors of aviation, maritime, public transport and highways and will ensure close cooperation with strategic partners such as the Urban Planning Council, Municipalities of Abu Dhabi, Al-Ain, and the Western Region, the Environment Agency and the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce.

A number of priorities have been identified as part of the future transport plan. These include:

  • Integration between the general policies of transport and the strategic planning and goals of the transport masterplan

  • Expansion of the air transport network to assist the growth of Abu Dhabi International Airport and Etihad Airways and other Abu Dhabi-based airlines

  • The building of integrated sea ports and the management and organisation of waterways in the emirate

  • The promotion of public transport through new public transport solutions to connect Abu Dhabi and its suburbs to other parts of the Emirate

  • Extension of the highways network to cope with future expansion

The plan has been drawn up to ensure a viable transport network is in place to meet the future needs of the population growth and urban expansion planned by the government of Abu Dhabi.