Ahmed al-Abbar

Position: Economics Minister, Libya

Biography: Ahmed al-Abbar was appointed to the post of Economics Minister in August. This was in addition to his role as a representative for the city of Benghazi. Al-Abbar comes from a family that is noted for its ties to the influential Sanussi tribe, which ruled Libya until the Muammar Gaddafi-led revolution in 1969.

Before the civil war in Libya started, he was the chairman of a Benghazi-based agricultural imports company. During the civil war, Al-Abbar’s role within the NTC was largely focused on restoring the country’s banking system to working order.

He went about doing this by administering funds and opening lines of credit with other countries to help boost trade. Al-Abbar also made the import of foreign goods easier and enabled salaries or food subsidies to be paid. His priority was to gain access to funds that had been frozen by foreign governments.

Contact Email: info@nctlibya.org