The World Bank-funded project is part of Amman’s wider tourism development programme. ‘The masterplans, which have been completed for Karak, Jarash, Salt, Madaba and Ajloun, will be used as projects that target the urban cores of these cities and encourage private sector investment,’ says the official. Beirut-based Dar al-Handasah (Shair & Partners) carried out the masterplan for Karak, Turkey’s G&G Consulting completed the Ajloun masterplan.

The local Consolidated Consultants has completed the masterplan for Irbid, the largest town in the north. The ministry and the Municipality of Irbid are now seeking funding for the launch of the first phase of its development. Plans include the creation of an urban city centre in the Al-Tal area of the city, a traffic management plan and the rehabilitation of the central market.

In late 2005, the government completed a $37 million second tourism development project focused on developing the sites of Petra and Wadi Rum, in the south.