A survey of the opinions in five other countries in the region, conducted between 19 February and 11 March by the University of Maryland, showed a very different perspective on the US and war. Asked whether or not they held a generally favourable view of the US, only 4 per cent of Saudis, 6 per cent of Moroccans and Jordanians, 13 per cent of Egyptians and 32 per cent of Lebanese said yes. A substantial majority in all five countries thought that a US-led war in Iraq would bring less peace in the Middle East and an even greater number believed that it would increase terrorism. On the question of whether US policy on Iraq was motivated chiefly by oil, 97 per cent in Saudi Arabia, 93 per cent in Morocco, 91 per cent in Lebanon, 87 per cent in Jordan and 77 per cent in Egypt, suspected that this was the prime factor. A majority in all five countries thought that US support for Israel was playing a crucial part in Washington’s stance on Iraq.