The state-run producer has revealed the data in its latest annual review.

Aramco’s crude reserves remain at 259.9 billion barrels, while its gas reserves increased by 5 trillion cubic feet (tcf) to reach 253.8 tcf. The rise in gas reserves came after it discovered gas at Karan 7, an extension of the kingdom’s largest gas field, and offshore at Jana 6.

Other discoveries in the past year included the Mabruk field in the Hadriyah reservoir south of Ghawar, which produced 5,600 b/d of Arab Heavy with 2 million cf/d of gas, and the Dirwazah field in the Unayzah reservoir, which produced 5,569 b/d of Arab Light and 2.8 million cf/d.

Aramco says its ten-year capital expenditure programme includes an exploration strategy that aims to replace reserves to match annual crude production and add at least 5 tcf of non-associated gas reserves a year.