A team of Germany’s Philipp Holzmann, now part of Algeria’s Khalifa Group, with the local Mohamed Abdulmohsin Kharafi & Sonssubmitted a low price of KD 55.2 million ($178 million) for the contract. Its offer was about 1.1 per cent cheaper than the next price of KD 55.8 million ($179 million) submitted by a team of France’s Bouygues with the local Ahmadiah Contracting Company.

The approval has paved the way for PAYS to issue a letter of intent to the German/local team. The contract calls for the construction of a 60,000-seat stadium to be built over 130,000 square metres. The proposed stadium will have multi-tiered stands covered by a cable net structure between an outer compression ring of steel and an inner tension ring of cables. A fibre-glass roof will top the structure off. The facilities will take about 30 months to complete.

The local Project Analysis & Control Systems (Projacs)is the project manager. The consultant is a joint venture of Germany’s Weidleplanand the local Seif Engineering Consultants (MEED 13:9:02).