On the same day, business leaders at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry expressed their willingness to employ qualified Bahrainis but warned the government against coercing them to do so, to the detriment of business. ‘It’s not our fault as businessmen that there are few qualified Bahrainis in the professions we need,’ said the chamber’s president Khalid Kanoo. He called government employment regulations ‘harsh and arbitrary’ and said that by forcing companies to train unqualified nationals the state was imposing unreasonable costs on the private sector. Kanoo suggested some form of database of unemployed Bahrainis and their skills, with employers allowed to hire expatriates if there were no qualified nationals. He also said that locals should commit to a reasonable length of service. ‘It’s hard to get a dedicated Bahraini these days, as everyone knows that most will attend the job for a week and leave the next, saying that it is against Islamic values or that they refuse to have an Asian as a superior.’