The Bahraini economy is under considerable strain due to limited hydrocarbon reserves than its neighbours, the turmoil created by the political protests, and by the government’s hard line response. In consequence, Bahrain has come to depend on financial support from its richer GCC allies to balance its budget.

The country has been promised $10bn in aid from the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, which is due to be handed over gradually over the course of a decade. Much of the money is destined for infrastructure projects and there are signs that it is starting to have an impact.

MEED Insight’s latest market intelligence report, Bahrain Projects Market 2013, assess the various sectors in Bahrain and the opportunities they present. These opportunities and their challenges are analysed along with the history, policy, targets, projects and key clients.

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Key benefits and features:

Through this comprehensive report you will be able to:

  • Quantify current and future projects along with their status, value and scope
  • Gain in-depth analysis of plans for each sector along with key drivers
  • Understand political and macroeconomic overview highlighting the investment environment
  • Access strong pipeline of strategic development projects in Bahrain
  • Obtain rankings of the top clients and contractors
  • Identify key opportunities, challenges and much more…

An increase in production from the country’s Abu Safa oil field combined with a $10bn aid package from its GCC allies and a 2013/14 budget focused on domestic investment are set to kick start the kingdom’s projects sector with a drive to develop its social and industrial infrastructure.

In addition to providing a comprehensive overview of the macroeconomic and political scene in the region, this research report thoroughly analyses each projects sector and provides an in-depth insight into current and future project plans supported by project data, diagrams and maps.

Buy MEED Insight’s 100-page Bahrain Projects Market 2013 report today and gain an in-depth understanding of the potential for business development and growth in the Bahraini projects market.

The key findings in this report are:

– The Economic Development Board (EDB) forecasts growth of 6.2 per cent in 2013, driven by a strong rebound in the oil sector due to the return of the Abu Safa field and the non-oil sector benefits from government stimulus spending;
– In June, parliament passed a budget for 2013 that includes an 11 per cent increase in spending – strong emphasis on project and infrastructure growth, nearly doubling its spending on projects in 2012, from BD440m ($1.17bn) in 2011 to BD737m ($1.9bn) in 2013;
– Bahrain’s construction industry is looking increasingly positive: $10bn stimulus package is now being handed over to the government to kick-start road and housing schemes;
– In April, Bahrain’s sovereign wealth fund Mumtalakat told MEED that it would invest $150m in local projects to stimulate the economy, including $45m on real estate schemes and $42m on tourism and hospitality

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