The client opened the commercial bids for the packages on the day of bid submission. The unevaluated bid opening prices for the various packages are as follows:

Lot I-1, a new 400/220-kV substation at Dhaid in Sharjah emirate

France’s Alstom T&D – AED 299.8 million ($81.7 million)

Japan’s Toshiba-Mitsubishi T&D– AED 309 million ($84.2 million)

Europe’s ABB – AED 337 million ($91.8 million)

Lot I-2, extension of the existing 400-kV substation at Taweelah in Abu Dhabi emirate

Japan’s Sumitomo Corporation – AED 49.4 million ($13.5 million)

Lot I-3, extension of the existing 400-kV H substation in Dubai emirate

Toshiba-Mitsubishi T&D – AED 84.5 million ($23 million)

Lot I-4, extension of the 220-kV substation at Sajaa in Sharjah emirate

Austria’s VA Tech – AED 20 million ($5.4 million)

Lot II-1, the supply and installation of 200 kilometres of 400-kV transmission line between Taweelah, H station and Dhaid

South Korea’s Hyundai Engineering & Construction, with the local Emirates Trading Agency (ETA) – AED 306.9 million ($83.6 million)

India’s Larsen & Toubro – AED 316.6 million ($86.2 million)

India’s KEC International – AED 320.4 million ($87.3 million)

Lot II-2, the supply and installation of 36 kilometres of 220-kV transmission line between Sajaa and Dhaid

the local Centaur – AED 30.1 million ($8.2 million)

Emirates Electrical Engineering – AED 31.7 million ($8.6 million)

Larsen & Toubro – AED 38.5 million ($10.5 million)

Hyundai/ETA – AED 41.2 million ($11.2 million)

KEC – AED 45.6 million ($12.4 million)

Lot III, construction of the ENG monitoring centre, to be built at Dhaid, and telecommunication facilities

Canada’s SNC Lavalin – AED 27.8 million ($7.6 million)

ABB – AED 32.9 million ($9 million)

Alstom – AED 36.4 million ($9.9 million)

Abu Dhabi-based UTS Kent – AED 49.9 million ($13.6 million)

Toshiba-Mitsubishi – AED 58.7 million ($16 million).

For lot III, bidders also submitted an alternative price covering the construction of the monitoring centre at H station in Dubai.

Contract awards are expected by the end of the year. Electricite de France (EdF) is the main consultant on the project, which is due to be completed in late 2005. It is being assisted on the transmission lines element by Germany’s Fichtner (MEED 24:1:03).