The project entails the installation of 67 kilometres of 12-inch-diameter pipeline and 33 kilometres of 8-inch-diameter pipeline to convey gas and condensate from the Harweel wellfields into the network of Petroleum Development Oman (PDO). A tender is also due out in January for the main facilities and gas booster compression station packages. PDO plans to start initial oil production from three fields by the first quarter of 2004, at a rate of 12,000 barrels a day (see Special Report).

The Harweel cluster incorporates seven fields in the south of Oman: Harweel, Sarmad, Ghafeer, Zalzala, Sakhiya, Rahab and Dafaq. The area, located 80 kilometres southwest of Marmul, produces a mixture of light oil and sour gas from high-pressure reservoirs at a depth of 3-5 kilometres. Recoverable reserves from all seven fields are estimated at 2,000 million barrels of oil.