UGCC is low bidder at KD 16.6 million ($57.2 million) for the larger of the two contracts, covering the construction of pumping stations. Its offer was more than 5 per cent cheaper than the second lowest offer of KD 17.5 million ($60 million) submitted by the local Mushrif Trading & Contracting. Burhan International Construction Companyis ranked third on price, at KD 21.6 million ($74.5 million).

National Kharafi is low bidder at KD 8.3 million ($28.8 million) for the contract covering the construction and maintenance of a feeder network of 900,000 metres of unplasticised polyvinyl chloride to carry treated sewage from the Wafra pumping stations to agricultural farms. The company’s bid is about 4 per cent lower than the second best offer of KD 8.67 million ($29.9 million) submitted by the local Combined Group.

Offers are due to be submitted on 25 September for the third and largest package, covering the supply and installation of a 1.6-metre-diameter, 92-kilometre-long main pipeline from the wastewater treatment plant at Sulaibiya to Wafra. A team of the US’ Parsons Engineering Corporationwith the local Gulf Consultis the consultant (MEED 12:8:05; 27:5:05).