DM received three bids for the third package on the Ras al-Khor creek crossing project following a repricing exercise. The local Bin Hafeez General Contracting & Transportsubmitted a low bid of AED 488 million ($132 million) for the 18-month contract. Its offer is about 3 per cent lower than the next cheapest bid of AED 504.9 million ($137 million), submitted by the local/Cypriot National WheelJ&P and 3.8 per cent lower than the AED 507.6 million ($138 million) submitted by Odebrechtof Brazil. Bin Hafeez’s revised bid is 3.7 per cent lower than its original low bid of AED 507 million ($138 million) that was submitted on 30 October. De Leuw Cather International, part of the US’ Parsons International, is the consultant (MEED 4:11:05).

DM also opened three bids for phase 3 on the Dubai bypass project. Al-Naboodah Contracting low bid at AED 251.8 million ($67 million) followed by National Wheel J&P at AED 287.4 million ($78 million) and Bin Hafeez with a bid of AED 318 million ($87 million). The contract will see construction of a 30-kilometre dual-carriageway linking Dubai and Al-Ain with the Jebel Ali-Lehbab road. The scope of works on the 18-month contract also comprises three interchanges and associated roadworks and landscaping. The consultant is the local Al-Turath Consultantswith the US’ Wilbur Smith & Associates(MEED 28:10:05).

For the Al-Barsha roads scheme, the local Saif bin Darwishsubmitted a low bid of AED 109.8 million ($29.9 million). The other bidders are the local/UK Dutco Balfour Beattyat AED 111.8 million ($30.5 million), the local Emirates Road Contractingat AED 114.5 million ($31.2 million) and the local Wade Adams Contractingat AED 141.4 million ($38.5 million).

The scheme will call for the construction of more than 30 kilometres of dual-carriageway to serve the phase 2 development of the new Al-Barsha residential area. A joint venture of South Africa’s Africon with the local Al-Burj Engineering Consultantsis the consultant (MEED 15:4:05).